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Knives are sexy. To know how to use them is manly and awesome, whether you are a pro chef or a boy scout. What can possibly go wrong if someone starts to make them? Well, that’s what we thought about a decade ago. But first, let us explain what exactly the “we” part is. This is our story.

Cerberus Cutlery is a group of three friends, whose connection was forged by their similar enthusiasm in edged tools and the strongest cement of mankind – beer. The three individuals of this triumvirate come from far apart, have completely different background not to mention their diverse approach to problems.

Peter Pok is a‭ ‬23‭ ‬years old‭ ‬student‭ ‬currently studying Security Technology Engineering in Budapest,‭ ‬Hungary.

_DSC07053.12His grandfather being a shepherd,‭ ‬Peter got familiar with‭ ‬knives and other edged tools early in his childhood.‭ ‬Later on,‭ ‬he often‭ ‬helped‭ ‬out his woodcarver stepfather in the shop.‭ ‬This trade needs special cutting tools that are hard to obtain,‭ ‬so he makes some of them‭ ‬– sometimes with limited success.‭ ‬Four years ago,‭ ‬while searching for a proper toolmaker,‭ ‬he met‭ ‬Antal Szekeres,‭ ‬a blacksmith,‭ ‬who taught him some of the tricks of‭ ‬his trade.‭ ‬At that point,‭ ‬he‭ ‬fell in love with blacksmithing.‭ ‬While studying in Budapest,‭ ‬he joined‭ ‬BME Forming Session,‭ ‬a small group‭ ‬of university students‭ ‬interested in metal forming.

In this group,‭ ‬he met people with similar‭ ‬thinking,‭ ‬people‭ ‬of which some became his friends.‭ ‬This group itself is a huge inspiration to him,‭ ‬and a motivation strong enough to drive him towards becoming a‭ „‬pro‭”‬ knifemaker.

György Torma is a‭ ‬27‭ ‬years old design engineer‭ ‬who got his degree in materials science.‭ ‬His‭ ‬childhood‭ ‬fascination in swords‭ ‬motivated him to actually try his hand at knifemaking.‭ ‬Like many others,‭ ‬he started his hobby with a simple‭ ‬backyard setup,‭ ‬but poor early results drove him toward‭ ‬developing his setup as well as his knowledge of steel forming and heat treatment.

_DSC0763 másolata3.2Soon after he joined the university,‭ ‬he founded BME Forming Session back in‭ ‬2009.‭ ‬This was a group of people who were interested in metal forming,‭ ‬and wanted to practise their skills as well as their knowledge.

In‭ ‬2014,‭ ‬he retired from directing the‭ ‬Forming Session to concentrate on his startup businesses,‭ ‬but still continues to attend its weekly classes.


His main interests are exotic knife materials and design‭ ‬and industrial design,‭ ‬favoring‭ ‬„out of the‭ ‬box‭”‬ solutions,‭ ‬superior‭ ‬quality and general usefulness.

Máté Csorba is a 27 years old freelancer – according to his diploma he’s a natural conservationist, but that never kept him from trying things which have nothing to do with it. Being an open minded youngster, he poked his nose into many businesses: he worked as a sailor, a taxidermist, a bartender, a removal man, a stripper, a stage builder, a stuntman, you name it. He’s still doing some of them for a living, depending on the opportunity or his actual mood. He likes to have as many hobbies as he can handle at the same time as well – self defence courses, fighting with various types of edged weapons, shooting and tactics, woodworking, bodyweight training, travelling, and of course blacksmithing and knifemaking.The love for gadgeteering comes from his grandfather, who thought him the basics when he was a pup. While he was studying at the university, he became a pupil of a blacksmith for a couple months. Since then, he became seriously interested in metalworking, constantly trying to improve his skills and develop his own workshop.

561987_404425406254251_631893010_nDuring his travels and outdoor activities, he tested a lot of knives and other edged tools, so by now, he has some ideas about how the right knife for the job should look like. Those experiences motivated him to create useable, quality knives, which one can always rely on. That need led him to join the BME Forming Session a few years back, and from then on, he and his fellows try to achieve their goals as a team.

The likeliness of three such gentlemen meeting each other and eventually joining forces in order to hone their skills together is negligible. Still, Matt and Peter happened to attend the classes that I held and quickly drew attention. Lots of beer were consumed in the following process, but we eventually made each others friends and started to work on joint projects.

We are all hopeless tinkerers, knife geeks, creators, who are always willing to take things up a notch, choose unorthodox solutions and share whatever we know about the trade.

We have reached a point by now where we believe that our work is worth sharing, so we created this blog for everyone’s amusement. Although the blog is still under development, fortnightly updates can be expected, so be sure to check back every now and then. Until then, feel free to ask your questions at cerberuscutlery@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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