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Cerberus Cutlery Winter Special

The period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve usually means some rest with our families for the most of us. But if you’re like one of the crew – or just an average knife freak – chances are that you grow tired of doing nothing by December 27th, while the […]


Happy holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! The crew is retiring for a few days to spend the Christmas with their families, but we’re gonna be back with full throttle soon. Until then we hope that everyone is having a good time and get some rest. See you later!

Knife blade grinding

Project MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT, Chapter Five – Monkey on the Grindstone

There is a hungarian phrase that sounds something like this: „Like a monkey on a grindstone” (this means someone in an awkward position). That’s what George couldn’t get out of his mind when looking at Matt while he was grinding. Let’s face it: Matt being the crew’s mascot, the other […]


Chapter Four – Never Trust Your Suppliers

Product management is a bitch. You gotta provide everything for the development team, motivate your people, report to your boss, meet deadlines and then pay attention to things you could never imagine go wrong. Like, the steel sheet that you ordered is not flat. But we’re just three dudes from […]