Cerberus Restarted

Ten months is an awful lot of time, still, that’s about how old our last blog post is. Here is a quick roundup of what happened:

Matthew in Central Park

Matthew left the country and started working in the USA. He will be back in january, 2016, so he can resume his work on his pile of scrap metal half finished blades. Besides that, he has no actual plans for the future.

George in the wilderness

George left his previous workplace as design engineer and started working at a water jet cutting firm. He didn’t come along well with his new boss, though, so he is searching for a new job right now. Meanwhile, he is working on his own custom made knives.

Peter in the workshopPeter left the university and is now building sceneries for film shootings. He says that it pays reasonably well, so he’s gonna continue to do it for a while.

The biggest piece of news, however, is that we put our MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT project on hold and took a bit different approach on knifemaking. Everyone of us had a lot of request on kitchen knives, so we thought that we could do it more decently and maybe make a company dedicated for it.

George's own kitchen knife

But how does someone make something that he never really made before? First, we made prototypes. Everyone of us made a version of what he thought is the ideal kitchen knife (Matthew made two for no particular reason), and contacted a number of kitchens in Budapest asking whether they were interested in trying them out.

Yes, it was a lot of work. But considering that we met a lot of wonderful chefs, we think that our efforts payed off in the end. Our other method was to make a form and deliver it to as much chefs as we could – that became our other main source of information.

Since Peter’s concept came out as the favourite, he is the one now who develops the shape of our new model, while George got entrusted with the background work.

Bottom line is, that all of us were busy knifemaking during the last ten months, we just didn’t publish any of it. But now that it seems like we have finally found our way, we plan to post our journey from now on. Stay with us, and don’t forget to share this article with others if you enjoyed reading it!

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