Kitchen knife on whetstone

Chef Knife Sharpening 101

When it comes to knife maintenance, the simple, most important task is sharpening. Working with a dull kitchen knife is not only a depressing experience, it is also dangerous. Despite their superior quality, even Cerberus Cutlery’s knives need a resharpening every now and then to regain their razor edge, so […]

Chef knife blade with mapa burl

From Concept to the First Chefs Knife: a Story about Product Development

When we founded Cerberus Cutlery, we had nothing else in mind that we wanted to make knives and maybe make some money out of it. The story turned serious when Peter introduced his idea about high-end chef’s knives with limited production batches and some room for customization. It seemed like […]

Chef knife handle

We Make Quality Handles

A quality knife handle makes the knife comfortable and easy to use, while making it aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind. Our material of choice is wood, since it is the most sought for handle type among high-end knives. We use locally cut wood only to cause as little environmental effect as […]

Steel for chef knives

We Use Quality Steel

When it comes to cutting performance, the material of a blade is one of the most important aspects. Most manufacturers see an opportunity here for cost cutting, but not us: the steel types that we use are among the best performing tool steels in the world. This means that our […]

Kitchen knife

We Make It by Hand

Many people think that a a production knife misses its soul, while others want the precision that only a machine can do. We at Cerberus use neither traditional handcraft nor mass production, but the best blend of the two. Our blades and handle scales are pre-manufactured with CNC-machines, while all […]

Chef knife micarta handle

We Make It Customizable

If you buy a production knife, you have only one option for every feature, end of story. If you obtain a Cerberus knife, you are required to choose your own handle material, handle thickness, and blade finish in a given line, which means a great number of variations. In addition, […]


Our First Endevour in Making Kitchen Knives

We at Cerberus have a tendency to start a project without any clear concept or an actual plan. This doesn’t always work out, but at least we skip to the fun part. This time, we decided to make kitchen knives, but first we needed prototypes to test our concept. As […]


The Founding of a New Workshop

The problem was as follows: George had his own workshop with all the necessary equipment, but it was 100 kilometres away from where he actually lives. Matthew had a small workshop in his parents’ basement, but it was far from professional, and he also lives in a remote part of […]


Cerberus Restarted

Ten months is an awful lot of time, still, that’s about how old our last blog post is. Here is a quick roundup of what happened: Matthew left the country and started working in the USA. He will be back in january, 2016, so he can resume his work on […]


Cerberus Cutlery Winter Special

The period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve usually means some rest with our families for the most of us. But if you’re like one of the crew – or just an average knife freak – chances are that you grow tired of doing nothing by December 27th, while the […]