Chef knife handle

We Make Quality Handles

A quality knife handle makes the knife comfortable and easy to use, while making it aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind. Our material of choice is wood, since it is the most sought for handle type among high-end knives. We use locally cut wood only to cause as little environmental effect as […]

Steel for chef knives

We Use Quality Steel

When it comes to cutting performance, the material of a blade is one of the most important aspects. Most manufacturers see an opportunity here for cost cutting, but not us: the steel types that we use are among the best performing tool steels in the world. This means that our […]

Kitchen knife

We Make It by Hand

Many people think that a a production knife misses its soul, while others want the precision that only a machine can do. We at Cerberus use neither traditional handcraft nor mass production, but the best blend of the two. Our blades and handle scales are pre-manufactured with CNC-machines, while all […]

Chef knife micarta handle

We Make It Customizable

If you buy a production knife, you have only one option for every feature, end of story. If you obtain a Cerberus knife, you are required to choose your own handle material, handle thickness, and blade finish in a given line, which means a great number of variations. In addition, […]