Our Story

This blog is run by three gentlemen generally referred to as „the crew”. The Cerberus crew is located at Budapest, Hungary (yes, that is in Europe). All of them have a keen interest in knives and a diverse skillset to manufacture them. Each of them have a different approach to the craft, which mixed together, gives Cerberus Cutlery’s unique style.

_DSC07053.12Peter Pok has the classical aspect to knives. Being a child of Hungary’s great wastelands, he has a sweet spot for folk art, traditional shapes and organic materials. He is the craftsman who can make anything out of wood, horn, bone and leather.

Beside making knives, he is an expert woodworker and an excellent sheath maker. All of this while studying Safety engineering.



_DSC0763 másolata3.2George Torma has the modern approach. He is the kind of efficiency freak who would happily sacrifice any artistic value to gain just a percent more in performance. Being a materials engineer Bsc, he is a great fan of performance materials, polymers and modern tool steels. When not making knives, he manages startups, or tinkers on bicycles, motorbikes, or some old machinery that he couldn’t leave lying somewhere.



561987_404425406254251_631893010_nMatthew Csorba is the most open minded member of the crew. He is a great traveller and is always willing to meet different cultures. During his trips, he heavily relies on his gear, that’s why he prefers reliable solutions and robust design in his work. Blending this with traditional oriental forms results in excellent gear that one can really count on.


The style of Cerberus Cutlery comes from none of the undividuals’ but the combination of the three. We each give our fair share to make this work and to make this story unfold in the best possible way.